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 Church Women United 
World Community Day 
November 2, 2018
Come celebrate With Us 

2018 Church Women United Celebrations


World Day of Prayer:
March 2, 2018

Traditionally celebrated the 1st Friday in March  

"All God's Creation is Very Good"
Written by women from Suriname to be
shared with people around the world.

Order materials from World Day of Prayer USA:


May Friendship Day:  
May 4, 2018

Traditionally celebrated the 1st Friday in May

"In Gratitude for God's Presence"

World Community Day:  
November 2, 2018

Traditionally celebrated the 1st Friday in November

"In Harmony With God's People"

Human Rights Celebration
Celebration date chosen by local unit

"In Solidarity with God's Creation"

Order materials for "Reaching for Wholeness" celebrations from Church Women United:

2016-2020 Quadrennial Priorities


Priority #1: Human Rights

Priority #2: Hunger and Poverty

Priority #3: Health and Wellness
Priority #4: Diversity and Inclusiveness

CWU 2018 Annual Assembly

 Many thanks to Church Women United of Fond du Lac
and Memorial Baptist Church  
for hosting the 2018 Annual Assembly for
Church Women United in Wisconsin.

The hospitality and lovely setting enriched our day
of learning, inspiration and friendship. 
Thank you!

For more news of the Assembly
click here 

Unity & Faith


Church Women United is a national ecumenical movement of Christians witnessing to unity and faith in Jesus Christ through worship, study, action and celebration.
Church Women United in Wisconsin is one of the three parts which make up the movement.  These three parts – local, state and national – are interdependent and interrelated
 and constitute the movement that is Church Women United (CWU). 

The Wisconsin state unit of CWU supports local units by providing opportunities for 
  •  training and sharing information for local units  
 •  education and action on issues of concern for women of faith  
•  networking with other Wisconsin groups with common interests 
 •  gathering in state-wide events for inspiration and fellowship  

The Wisconsin state unit of CWU also supports the national unit by 
 •  passing on suggestions and news from local units   
  •  interpreting national CWU goals and programs to local units  
 •  encouraging participation in our common celebration days    
 •  providing annual financial support

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