About CWU

Who We Are


Church Women United (CWU) is a Christian women’s movement bringing together women of diverse races, cultures and traditions in closer Christian friendship, prayer, advocacy and action for peace with justice in the world.

Nationally, CWU engages millions of women representing 26 supporting denominations and participating Christian women.  

Women gather in local units for prayer study, community action and celebrations of Christian faith.  

There are 12 local CWU units throughout Wisconsin.

The Wisconsin state unit of CWU supports local units by providing opportunities for training and sharing information, networking with other Wisconsin groups with common interests, and education/action on issues of concern to women of faith.  

State-wide gatherings and our newsletter keep CWU women in touch others who share their Christian faith and mission.

Wisconsin CWU supports the national CWU movement by passing on news and suggestions from local units, relating national CWU goals and programs to local units, and providing annual financial support.

Common Goals

1.  We intend to grow in our faith and to extend our vision of what it means to be Christian women living and working in society.

2.  We intend to strengthen the visibility of the ecumenical community.

3.  We intend to work for a just, peaceful and caring society.

4.  We intend to use responsibly and creatively the resources God has entrusted to us – our intelligence, our time, our energy and our money – as we carry out the mission of Christ through Church Women United.

Our Mission:
Church Women United is a racially, culturally, theologically inclusive Christian women’s movement, celebrating unity in diversity and working for a world of peace and justice.  

Quadrennial Priorities  are available from the Church Women United website.